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Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring

One of the core competencies, NDLO advises and assists clients on structuring and implementing strategic acquisitions, mergers and de-mergers. With strengths in conducting in-depth investigative duediligence, the Firm’s due-diligence reports have always been regarded as an important tool in the process of acquisitions / mergers. The Firm has experience in advising acquirers and targets and has been involved exclusively in transactions spanning small privately arranged acquisitions to large public corporations. Firm’s experience and expertise in the securities & capital markets including anti-trust legislation has always benefited clients in their acquisition plans.

With ever changing dynamics of today’s business, restructuring of business plans and processes has assumed great importance in India. NDLO has successfully handled several restructuring / re-organization of business whether it is as a result of mergers/de-mergers or through transfer of business undertakings and assets, relocation, right-sizing of industrial behemoths or closure.